We make a lot of stuff here at Performance Plastics – I mean, A LOT of stuff. We make awesome products and things that are used every day all around the world. So we asked our employees to record all of their cool #yeahwemakethat moments. People showcased our products in their homes, cars, offices and planes!

Check out some awesome Saint-Gobain Performance Plastics #yeahwemakethat fun facts:

Our SHEERFILL® Architectural Membrane covers multiple stadiums, airports and structures all over the world… Keep a look out during the 2016 Rio Olympic Games, as it will cover the opening and closing ceremonies in the Maracanã Stadium!

Our protective ONESuits® keep people safe from chemical and biological problems. They were even used in an episode of Castle!

If you’ve ever been flying on a plane and wanted to know what your “bestie” was tweeting about our Radomes keep that wifi protected!

If you saw Aron Ralston (James Franco) tear apart his Camelbak® bag to make a tourniquet to cut off his arm in “127 Hours”, you saw our Tygon® tubing (NOT used in the tourniquet).

If you’ve ever thought about calling in a noise complaint against your neighbor, our GreenGlue® noiseproofing compound will solve that situation.

150 miles of our ThermalBond® Foam Spacer Tape were used in the windows and facade system on the Freedom Tower in New York City!

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