Take Your Child to Work Day 2015

Take Your Child to Work Day 2015

Last week PPL decided to take on something new and try our first ever Take Your Child to Work Day. We planned a fun activity filled day so that kids could learn more about what their parents do every day, our awesome company and products.

The kids got to learn about our Finance team, what World Class Manufacturing means to SGPPL and a little bit of coding from IT. Along with HR interviews, Credit games, Innovation exercises, extrusion lesson and so much more!

We asked the kids to write down their favorite part of the day for us to share with you.

“We played a game. We did a fake commercial. I liked to see the office. It is better than school “lol” When I come back hopefully I would like to see a factory.” Nick, Age 8

“Played awesome games. When I come back I want to interview Meggan and Eric. We spin a wheel. We got interviewed.” Grace, Age 10

“I learned more about my dad’s job. I would have loved how to understand how to truly program” TJ, Age 13

“Today I liked playing games. My favorite game was when you picked a job in the New York game. If I came back I would want to watch videos. I love Saint-Gobain!!!!” Kaylee, Age 9

You can find adorable videos about PPL’s recent Take Your Child to Work Day on our YouTube channel.

Finally, a huge thanks to all the the parents and kids that participated this year and the teams that put together awesome activities for the kids!

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