Performance Plastics and the Big Game!

Performance Plastics and the Big Game!

63,400 of people went to the game, hundreds of millions of people watched the game, The Patriots won the game but the Big Game means a lot to us here at Performance Plastics. Yes, of course we watched it but we also played a hand in the University of Phoenix Stadium where the game was played over the weekend.

Sure the Big Game was also played there in 2008 but we’ve been at The Birds Nest since 2006. The home of the Arizona Cardinals features an inclined retractable roof by Birdair Inc. that’s made out of our SHEERFILL® Architectural Membrane. Pretty sweet, right?

That means our team in Merrimack, New Hampshire developed, sold, received PO, planned, wove, coated, inspected, tested, crated and shipped 30,000 square meters of SHEERFILL®. Those 30,000 square meters covered thousands of screaming fans, the Patriots, the SeahawksKaty Perry, Missy Elliott and Lenny Kravitz Sunday night in Phoenix.

Congratulations to the Patriots and our Merrimack team!  #yeahwemakethat

Image credit: The University of Phoenix Stadium

Learn more about SHEERFILL®, The name behind the landmarks℠, here!



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