Love Your Job

Love Your Job

My first business trip didn’t go so well (it’s a long story that ends with a long drive home.) This time around I was hoping for more than a cancelled flight and rental car getaway, which is good because I got a lot of love.

I work in what we fondly refer to as the Creative Communications Department so my business trips really aren’t what you’re picturing anyway. I didn’t travel to sit in meetings with customers or colleagues; I traveled to shoot a video. It’s a tough job really.

Last week we set out to shoot a romantic short film in lieu of Valentine’s Day. I know what you’re thinking, manufacturing and romance always go hand in hand and it’s true, we found a lot of love last week at our site in Beaverton Michigan.

Want more? Check out the love we got last year in sunny Garden Grove, California here!

Now it’s your turn, let us know why you love Your Job in the comments below!

Adeline Bedell, Communication Projects Associate


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