Keep Calm and riPPLe On!

Keep Calm and riPPLe On!

rip●ple: verb \’ri-pƏl\

1: to flow in small waves

2: to move with an undulating motion or so as to cause ripples

3: to have or produce a ripple effect

I’m an east coast girl, so when I hear the word ripple, it makes me think of the ocean and good times I had with my friends down at “the wall” (the sea wall, that is) throughout my high school years.  Today, images of smiling faces still appear in my mind, but now they are those of my coworkers who are being appreciated through riPPLe.

riPPLe is Performance Plastics’ 360-degree recognition program where employees anywhere in PPL (top to bottom/side-to-side) and globally can leverage a web-based tool to help create a culture of gratitude.  A culture of gratitude is the idea that one ‘thank you’ leads to another and another…riPPLing out, if you will.

Who doesn’t want to be appreciated?  Personally, it makes me feel good and when I’m happy, I tend to be even more productive and dedicated to my work (even though I’m already super devoted, I even moved 600 miles from RI to the polar vortex of Ohio in the dead of winter, further proving that point).  I think that most people do appreciate appreciation, but perhaps in different ways; some like a quiet ‘thank you’ and others like a parade in their honor through the office.  riPPLe is the best of all worlds because it allows us to see the great ways our employees are contributing to PPL and we can applaud their efforts through the riPPLe Wall.  And, if a parade is in order, the local team can celebrate achievements in their own customary style.

As I browse the riPPLe Wall, I now refer to as “the wall”, I take stock that I still have so many PPLers that I have yet to meet, some I have met just once, and others I work with on a regular basis.  Of course, I’m always thrilled to see team members on the wall that I got to work with for five years before moving to Ohio (shout out to Bristol, RI!!!).  It’s cool to read about the inspirational work my PPL colleagues do and how many are willing to go above and beyond to continue our company’s success!

One of my favorite features of riPPLe is that everyone’s work anniversary is listed, so I get to reach out and congratulate people on their many years of service either by sending them an e-card in riPPLe, with a phone call, or an instant message.  I also like to say it in person, which will be the case when Lina Nguyen, Director of Strategy & Planning, has a lull in her travel schedule and is back in Aurora; she’ll be celebrating her 1st anniversary with us in early February.

So, riPPLe has been launched in North America and I’m currently working with the team in Asia to implement riPPLe there.  If you’d like to talk about implementing riPPLe for your site/country/region, please reach out to me…I’d love to talk to you!

Until next time, happy riPPLing!


Kristin Wilson, Talent & Development Manager, Saint-Gobain Performance Plastics


  1. Jim Smith Says: January 28, 2015 at 1:03 am

    Ripple for me brings back memories of a chocolate bar in the UK when I was a child

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