Gobain or Go Home

Gobain or Go Home

I work for a place called Saint-Gobain,
Where my job is really quite insane.
Every day brings something new,
I’d never lie, it’s super true.
My business is called PPL,
Our people and products are swell.
It’s an acronym for Performance Plastics,
In case you thought we did gymnastics.
The L doesn’t make much sense to me,
But without it we would be PP.
Our products impact the whole planet,
Every person just like my friend, Janet.
Our radomes help keep our planes safe,
Without one they would be unsafe.
Our Green Glue cancels all the noise,
Every kind, but Illinoise.
Our bearings help make driving smooth.
That kind of feeling is so sooth…ing.
Our seals go into rocket ships,
For all our space exploring trips.
Our tubing makes coffee and beer,
and that helps fill me up with cheer.
Our bags are for cell therapy,
Or so someone once shared with me.
Our films protect us from sun rays,
Ensuring we don’t get set ablaze.
So many products from fabrics to foams,
Just one reason to Gobain or go home.

… Happy National Bad Poetry Day!

Eric Licht, Marketing & Communications Manager

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